July 4, 2021
    18:00 - 22:00 ST/GMT

    The Lavender Beds
    Ward 14, Plot 6
    (Lavender East)

    By the Riverbend is a souvenir shop and tea parlor found within the Lavender Beds. Run by Sarah and Adelas Blackmourne, the couple strives to provide a fun and casual environment for patrons looking to have a creative and social time.

    The Venue

    The Garden

    In the garden of the estate is where some ingredients for the tea parlor are grown. We aim to provide only the finest food and beverages, and a good culinary experience always begins with quality ingredients. Our assistant Kai'sa is also available to sell crafting goods, knick-knacks, and other homegrown plants that are rather rare in the market. You're free to relax in the gardens, have a seat by the fountain, and simply enjoy the greenery of the Lavender Beds around you.

    The Main Hall

    Greenery decks the surroundings of the interior. The hallway that leads to the stairwell is a floral touch that announces what awaits you in the Lilium. These floral walls - and the flower carpets in the Lilium - are handmade by expert alchemists of Ul'dah to give them the feel and scent of real flowers. Our guestbook is by the entrance as well; don't hesitate to leave us a little message!

    The Lilium

    The cellar of the Blackmourne estate serves as the main venue for events. Visitors are free to roam around the Lilium, save for the stage which is reserved for bards during performances.

    The estate can also be hired for special events like Name Day, Eternal Bonding celebrations, and other private occasions.

    Our Venue Extension

    For guests who still wish to partake in the Riverbend experience but find crowds a bit too daunting or aren't sure who to approach in a new environment, we also have a smaller venue that opens every other Sunday. Its opening and announcements are reserved for members of our Discord, don't hesitate to join us there in order to get the latest Riverside info.

    Etiquette within the estate

    • Minions and weapons are strictly prohibited. Kindly hide them before entering.

    • All public chat and custom emotes must stay SFW. ERP is strictly prohibited within the estate, even in private chat.

    • Yell chat is reserved for staff members.

    • We recommend you to turn off normal emotes for a cleaner chat experience whenever the place becomes crowded for the benefit of everyone attending.

    • The recommended dresscode for the venue goes from casual to formal. Armor and mascot outfits are allowed but anything including mature elements or explicit nudity is prohibited.

    • Gil is not required for purchase transactions save for our florist services, but any tips given to our staff are appreciated.

    • All staff members with the 'looking to meld' icon beside their names are roleplaying. If you wish to interact in-character, please be sure to put on the 'roleplaying' status.

    • Combat, whether in-character or out-of-character, during AND outside of operating hours, is prohibited anywhere within the venue.

    • Do not disrupt service or the ambiance with heavy themes. We are a roleplay-friendly venue but please consider that we are here for a fun and lively vibe. Like IRL, entering a cafe/restaurant and causing a ruckus does not go unattended. No criminal activity or any life-threatening situations, and anything that involves endangering patrons and the team alike within the venue.

    • Communication is key. If you are caught in a tangle with someone, please solve it in a civil manner and in private.


    • By the Riverbend is a light-lore venue to be able to cater to guests who do not necessarily RP but would like to join our regular art parties and concerts. We don't require roleplayers to know the lore by the book, but we do recommend adhering to the canon lore when interacting with guests. This is so everyone remains on common ground in terms of storybuilding. If you are roleplaying as a canon character from other FF games or other forms of media, you will not be recognized IC but you are welcome to interact.

    • Do not force headcanons upon other people.

    • Roleplay is treated as collaborative writing between our guests and team members. Do not do anything drastic on purpose that will hog the spotlight in a negative, awkward, or out of context way, cause discomfort, disrupt other people's activity, or force your character's plot or detrimental wish-fulfilment urges within the venue.

    • Be mindful of MSQ spoilers. This is an open space and therefore not everyone will be on the same level of storyline. Do not talk about critical story points in public chat. If you want to bond over MSQ with friends, do so in private chat. Do not talk in public chat about your character being involved in new content or critical MSQ events IC-wise.

    • The Warrior of Light/Darkness persona is allowed in the venue but please do not expect to be known off the bat, and do not drop the title in a casual discussion. Referring to the previous rule, not everyone will also consider themselves as WoL/D, and though some will, they may not be in the same area of MSQ as you. You will not be considered as the Warrior of Light/Darkness in the venue.

    • In our setting of public roleplay, the existence of The First is not acknowledged in the venue. To avoid complications and spoilers, we keep Riverbend's timeline to be within The Source only. Characters who have perks related to The First may attend but speaking about it will not be considered canon. Please respect this as a means of having common ground with all roleplayers and for ease of interaction.

    • IC actions will have IC consequences. Please act accordingly and respect the venue and the people around you. Actions such as ignoring security on purpose and unwarranted uncomfortable pestering of guests and team members will be acted upon accordingly.

    • Remember to keep OOC and IC separated. Should you experience bleed or any OOC conflict during opening hours, please contact a member of staff so it does not blow out of proportion. Do NOT discuss in /say chat where it can cause discomfort and unnecessary drama. This is to avoid people taking discussions out of context.

    • Do NOT powergame, metagame, railroad, godmod.

    • Powergaming - Whether physical or emotional, it is forcing actions or replies on someone else without giving them the freedom to act. (ex: Taking someone's wallet without giving them the chance to react or without discussing OOC if what you'd like to execute is okay with them. Actions like bribing, hypnotizing, and forcing. It's better to try actions instead of forcing them and assuming the other person is okay with them.)

    • Metagaming - The use of OOC knowledge concerning the state of a roleplay or another person's character to determine actions or replies without any relevance to the IC circumstances. (ex: Assuming IC that someone else's character is the Warrior of Light despite the remark being out of context and is only there because you know about this information OOC. If your character hasn't met someone else's yet despite knowing their writer, do your best to write as if your character was meeting a stranger. If needed, discuss in /tell OOC if there's any information your character is allowed or not to know.)

    • Railroading - When a writer or player wants a specific outcome to occur and attempts to do so at the detriment of all other writers around them. This includes behaviors (but not limited to) such as ignoring the impact of your partner's replies, disregarding any OOC communication in favor of your plot to be the sole focus, and forcing others to do what you want for the sake of your story's progression.

    • Godmodding - Taking control of another player's character during roleplay. It can also mean having an overpowered character whose skills and personality have no regard for realistic standards and no limitations.


    • Like in any venue, there is no place within the estate for trolling. This includes spell spam, being intentionally rude to others, ignoring security warnings, and not following guidelines in general.

    • No racism, homophobia, violence, harassment, offensive 'jokes', or anything that may put off the laidback ambiance of the venue.

    • Whether IC or OOC, baiting drama is not allowed. This is a space for people to hang out and chill, not to deal with drama or attention-seeking.

    • Heavily disruptive roleplay will be controlled by security and you will be asked to leave the venue depending on the severity of in-character misconduct.

    • Intentional disregard of basic roleplay rules such as no powergame, no metagame, no combining IC with OOC, railroading etc. for the sake of your character's own plot within the estate will be met with a warning.

    • Any NSFW action such as explicit nudity, inappropriate emotes, gposing anywhere in the estate nude, and anything related to explicit +18 content will earn you a warning.

    • Respect our rules and regulations. Every venue will cater to different kinds of patrons. These rules are laid out the way they are to make sure no one trespasses any boundaries or causes unnecessary conflict. We welcome novice roleplayers who are willing to learn, obtain interactions, and reach out should they have questions.

    • Repeat offenders of the rules and regulations are put on a general venue blacklist. Severe transgression of rules will lead to a ban from the Discord and the venue. We do not welcome alts of banned visitors.

    Live Performances

    Our bards perform on a scheduled basis. The stage is therefore off limits to anyone that’s not staff unless an event allows it. Some announcements during events will also be done onstage.

    Whether it's during our monthly art parties or relaxed tea parlor nights, our bards are there to provide you with a pleasant music experience every night.

    We may also invite guest performers during special occasions such as birthdays, weddings or Starlight.

    Art Parties

    Two recurring art parties happen every month. Monthly schedules can be found under our events page. Use #RiverbendArtparty as tag when sharing content on Twitter or any social media so we can find you easily! Take screenshots with your friends, doodle, or roleplay!

    Check out our friends at Light Art Parties for more art-related events!

    Included in the 'souvenir' side of our services along with artistic ones, By the Riverbend now provides a one-of-a-kind florist experience.

    Are you looking to gift that special someone a bouquet of flowers? Perhaps you'd like to show someone your appreciation, or you'd like to brighten up a stranger's day? We have a catalogue of floral arrangements for all your needs! This service requires actual gil.

    • Approach the team member at the florist stand right of the kitchen counter. Our florist services are available from 6PM to 10PM ST/GMT.

    • Let the florist know how many items you would like to purchase. A maximum of 10 items are allowed per patron (bouquets, corsages, or a mix of both).

    • Indicate the following information: if you want the items to be delivered to someone in the venue as a surprise, if you have any handwritten messages for someone that you'd like to include in your order (3 messages maximum), and if you'd like the message(s) to be anonymous.

    • Pay in gil and let the florist team deliver the item(s) and write the message(s)!

    message samples

    Next Event : coming soon

    The monthly calendar is subject to change depending on the evolution of the venue, so hang onto your seats and join our Discord for updates!

    Want to join the team?
    Get to know our staff a little more and see if there are any job openings available!


    Sarah Blackmourne

    One of the owners of By the Riverbend, Sarah's a diligent worker who takes on the roles of mistress of ceremonies, event planner, and interior designer. She's the wife of Adelas a (soon-to-be) mother of three - a girl named Sophia, a boy named Nakaari, and one who's yet to be introduced to the world. While the ex-pirate viera has mellowed down with her adventures, she still goes on exciting travels with her family once the occasion arises. Her zest for life can be contagious and her charms are what make her warm and inviting to newcomers at the estate.

    Adelas Blackmourne

    The co-owner and operations manager of By the Riverbend. Although taking a less public role of the business of the parlor, Adelas makes sure to keep the kitchen stocked and the wheels turning around the place. Being the son of a merchant, Adelas has a knack for procuring goods while also keeping an eye on their sneaky kids rushing about the place. He admires the work of his wife very much and tries his best to keep the cellars and their coffers full to achieve her dreams.


    Yuyuki Yuki

    One of Riverbend's suppliers. Travelling in an old carriage that reminds her of an old man who helped her reach Ul'dah, she completes the quests of travelers and adventurers she meets. Whether crafting or harvesting, she uses her talents to benefit others without any compensation. Yuyuki is always smiling, generous, helpful, and despite her many trips, she is very shy. However, she knows how to open up to people who deign to bow their heads a little to see her. Trained machinist, she also know how to use a katana after getting lessons from the master of a secret Eastern group.

    Lo Nbyold

    Lo only came once at the Riverbend and fell in love with the place. When he learnt they where hiring more cooks and kitchen help he jumped on the occasion! He loves to cook and always tries to have fresh ingredients provided by his own means. Easily distracted by a lot of noise and pretty people that he still can't outgrow even if he's not that young anymore, he'll still try to do his best to provide you with delicious food and drink ! After a lot of struggles in his life, he's learned to be a kind and compassionate soul who always has an ear open and will talk yours off if you try to talk about food in more details with him.

    Soull Formonde

    Born in Ishgard to a family of former chefs, Soull quickly learned the ways of the kitchen and how to fill the hearts of people with a good meal and a sweet dessert. Parting ways with the local restaurants he quickly found a worthy place in the famous Lominsan Estate the Bismarck. Learning new ways to improve his passion, he departed once again to find a new challenge. Nowadays a chef, a bartender or just a sweet-looking cat to chat with, Soull kept the way of the family alive with a smile, now serving the hungry people of the Riverbend.

    Ryoku the Silverfang

    The daughter of a Xaela merchant from the Steppe and a Highlander woman with a mysterious past she has been a diligent Captain of the Maelstrom and metal artisan until recently. Having put her tricone away she is now the proud owner of a martial arts Dojo in Shirogane and wanting to broaden her horizon as well as bring some Eastern charm to the Riverbend she has started to help out in the kitchen, showing the perks of Hingan, Yanxian and Steppe cuisine while learning more about Western cooking.


    Sakura Lotus

    A small cute Au Ra, with a hair color after her own name, who once fought for the world's salvation. She's been through a lot and knows how to show determination when needed. She loves to work and party at events, but due to some accidents she's had to reduce her combat strain. She enjoys her jobs at Endless Night and the many bars and places she works at. She is also works at the Afterparty, Exile, and Serendipity.

    Flaw Stormclaw

    Born and raised within the savage dunes of the Sagolii Desert, Flaw was restless and brimming with energy to pursue his next destination and prey alike. It was this very desire that led him to voluntarily become a Gladiator within the ramparts of Ul’dah. It didn’t take long however where this singular activity began to tire him. He discovered the devastating arts of a Gunbreaker, and ventured further past the lands of Ishgard where he met a cluster of the infamous Sky pirates. The freedom of the skies, the thrill of combat and accompanying plunder proved addictive to the Seeker of the Sun. He sometimes takes on the role of master of ceremonies during special events.

    Raptor Chan

    A small Miqo'te, named due to her fierce, animal-like hunting methods and small, yet cute appearance. Raptor grew up by herself in the Coerthas Highlands, being found and taken in by an ishgardian noble after she was found and saved from a group of heretics. Raptor now spends her days adventuring across Eorzea, picking up odd jobs such as table service and barding from time to time.

    Mereoleona Vermilion

    Born as a fierce Xaela Au'Ra, raised as a Garlean business woman. After being adopted by her new Garlean family at a young age, she was given all the resources to become the perfect example of a woman. She started meeting new people, and cultivate her social and cunning skills. She had everything but there were times that she felt empty inside. Soon, she decided! Giving in to her true nature, the exotic Xaela, started dancing again (like in her Tribe days), enjoying those nights like nothing else, trying to spread her excitement. If you happen to find her at any of the dance floors, cafes, taverns and dining venues, do not be a stranger. Her wild look is only but the surface of a warming and lovely personality.

    Pinku Usagi

    A pink, tall, big-eared bunny with a passion for fashion and a big love for the color pink as her name means pink rabbit. She loves to go to venues and she always tries her best to help others and to bring a smile on everyone's face. She works as manager for Exile and is used to working as a security. She is friendly but not afraid to put her foot down when it is required.

    Khini Rayagi

    A small, friendly Raen. Grown up in a small friendly cottage in Gridania with her parents she decided she wanted to conquer the world! As she traveled around the world she always helped out people. Be it helping on farms or around the household, she gladly helped everyone! Now she wants to step back a bit and give people the love and care she learned to provide for others.

    Ga'rae Vys

    Coming from the peaceful lands of Gridania's countrysides, Ga'rae is an easy going Miqo'te with a lot of positives feelings to give, perhaps thinking too much about the others before himself. He was more or less stuck in a small shell for a large part of his life, until he met probably the person that had the biggest impact on his life and allowed him to fly on his own, allowed him to gather that much needed and gave him a chance to prove himself at Riverbend. His only wish is to spread all that goodness around him and making sure everyone is having an enjoyable evening.


    Xenon Khan

    Born in a desert tribe located in the Steppes, Xenon learned to hunt at night. Soon enough he became one with the night, dark and mysterious, full of surprises and secrets. He devoted himself to a lethal martial art called Ninjustu and trained from a young age at a sacred ninja clan in Yanxian hills. He offers his abilities on security matter to bring order and smoothness to those he serves.

    Iri Izumi

    Iri was born and raised in a lone village and, after witnessing a terrible injustice commited against her people, harnessed the power of her emotions to become a Dark knight, sworn to fight against any who dare to lay a hand on those who could not defend themselves. She is a gentle, yet fierce soul and will swiftly resolve any situations she deems troublesome.

    Aerelia Scarlet

    Aerelia was born and raised in the Golmore jungle but has recently ventured to Eorzea to find new and exciting prospects and adventures. Though she is shy and reserved at first, when she gets to know and trust you, she will become more of a talker. She is not afraid to enforce herself to make sure that rules are followed though! She also owns the nightclub Serendipity.

    Vanstralk Grambla

    Born from the Azim Steppes but moved into the cold heights of Ishgard as a child. Vanstralk grew up with nothing among these strange smaller races, growing to love all things about the world. Learning how to cope with nothing gave him the passion to help others in need... And a fierce loyalty towards those he cares about.

    Ravness Loxaerion

    Although Ravness’ fighting days are far from over, in recent years, she grew far more interested in the aetherial and esoteric arts of Eorzea and beyond. Thus, she began to study at the Athenaeum Astrologicum in Ishgard, she recently graduated. Whenever the prospect of adventure calls to her, she uses her astrological skills to perform readings for a small prize, in order to buy passage for the next best ferry, airship or rental Chocobo that will carry her to her next destination. Whenever Ravness needs time to unwind, she can be found with her elected family of By the Riverbend, where she often helps out with security or occasionally performs a set of songs, which she learned to play on her strings during her travels.

    Ligdan Kha

    Hailing from the steppes, Ligdan Kha, is an Au'ra who has traveled far and wide. Leaving his home in search of purpose, and perhaps a future, Ligdan ventures the lands under the Alias of Metal GodFist. he chose to conceal his true name in order to protect himself from other possible Clans that linger outside of the steppes. Brother of Yisu and brother-in-law of Airius, Ligdan serves as a waiter for cafe Khair and as one of the backup members of the security staff. He is an exceptionally skilled Thaumaturge whose studies into the void have led him to an understanding of the aetheric world. He's cheerful, flirty and slightly womanizing, however, he often seems a little out of sorts.

    Rai Dragneel

    Born in U'ldah to two very well known tanks, this Miqo'te was born into the line of duty. After many years of training and a very dark past, Rai has learnt to take even the hardest of hits, but find yourself on the receiving end of his own and you won't live to tell the tale. Now, working as a Gunbreaker, his duty to protect and serve follows in his work as security. A handsome yet cheeky Miqo'te with the ability to rally those around him and will always protect those he holds close.


    Tomana Dawnstar

    A wandering tribal healer from the mountains of Othard, Tomana was offered a position within the Twin Adders after rescuing a high-ranked Gridanian official on a diplomatic mission. There, she discovered warriors who were inspiring and soothing their comrades not just with spells, but with music as well. Now, in addition to her Twin Adders duties, Tomana roams Eorzea in order to find and write down musical pieces, old and new.

    Phia Peyton

    Phia is a reserved and soft-spoken Viera from Othard. After a curious run in with adventurers, she decided to leave her home and migrated to Eorzea where she learned to fend for herself on the streets of Ul'dah. She often was found using her charm to earn gil before learning to play music, finally finding her passion to entertain others. She's more than happy to play music by request, especially if it's for a new challenge.

    Ghiros Serdomr

    The cat, he stands upon the stage
    A harp in hand, surely a bard
    If lore were magic, he'd be the mage
    In your brain, his sick tunes will be scarred

    Charra Raha

    Like a true bookworm, she long dreamed about visiting The Great Gubal library. When she finally visited that library, she found multiple old music sheets which she would then translate into music for the modern ages - all while retaining the theme of old. Now she spends time mostly in taverns spreading song of old among people and always searching for more songs to add to her collection.

    Azura Riannon

    Born and raised in Terncliff, the half-Doman Azura has been humming melodies for as long as she can remember. While she seems somewhat cold and aloof at a first glance, the young Raen actually hates being alone even if she isn't one that initiates conversations naturally. A girl with a kind heart, Azura hopes that she can spread even a small feeling of calm with her music to the patrons of the Riverbend.


    Matcha Teagarden

    Named after a tea delicacy, Matcha grew up in a simple trading family, owning a quiet tea shop in a small village in the Blackshroud. Although loving her parents dearly, she quickly grew tired of her everyday life, the dark forest and their hostile beast tribes, spreading her wings to explore the lands outside of her home. Powered by her curiosity and love for foreign traditions and crafts, she travelled near and far to learn about other cultures and their people, cherishing every second of life. Years past until her hunger for adventure was finally sated. She quickly settled down in La Noscea, opening a tiny bakery in the mist, serving baked goods from around the world to bring her foreign guests back to a place of comfort. An honest, generous girl that loathes conflicts and made it her own mission to put smiles on all faces, caring for friends and strangers alike.

    Laen Eo

    Laen is a sweet Raen who, when asked where she comes from, will make up a different story every time. She's been living in Eorzea for one or two, or maybe five years now and dodges questions about her past like a bullet. Loving nature and flowers, she's joined the Riverbend team as a florist and now enjoys to see the smile on people's faces, be it with handmade bouquets or handwritten messages from their loved ones. Her personal record for eating an entire cake is 2.3 seconds.

    Liseth Sla'han

    Liseth is a sensitive, polite, small Viera, who will do her best to serve you. After growing up in the woods surrounded by her community, she started travelling at a very young age, until recently arriving in Eorzea. Putting her artistic side to use, she will be delighted to create her best bouquets for you, with her most beautiful smile. Some even say that she is as delicate as a flower.

    Yisu Kha

    Yisu Kha is a shy Xaela maiden from the Steppe. At twenty summers old, she has only recently traveled to Eorzea upon a trademerchant's ship to Limsa Lominsa with her brother and her childhood friend. Though Yisu still clings to others for support, she's slowly learning to be more independent - even though her naive nature and general innocence prevents her from some of the more nuanced social interactions she's taken part in. Sometimes you can find Yisu performing on certain evenings.

    Emyka Yumite

    Herbalist since her teens as apprentice under an old master, Emyka is now running the passed down store without much success (Or could it be on purpose?). She's usually waiting at her shop for her husband to come back from mission, but a recent 'troublemaker' has been pushing her around. She is now trying to use her experience to help the 'By The Riverbend as florist'.

    Ava Wynzthota

    An ex-pirate hailing from the northern seas, who settled in Limsa, Ava has decided to settle down in life. She resides in Limsa but is often seen elsewhere in Eorzea, eager to make new friends! She's works as a bounty hunter for hire outside of any venue work, but despite this, she's a big softy, with a kind heart, so you can guarantee she'll try to make your day just that little more brighter!

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